Steve Dalton



"During my time at Sony I have learned that the relentless pursuit of innovation has to be a core driver in any company. History is littered with businesses that simply became too comfortable and got left behind."

"Educating the next generation will be a key differentiator for Wales. Technology is changing everything and investing in building and developing a training ground to help equip the workforce of the future will be key."

"The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic example of UK innovation, design and engineering, at its best, with over 5 million units being made in the last three years, it shows the capability we have here in Wales."


“Change and adapt or die”


"The crux, I believe, is instilling in people the belief that change is inevitable and innovation is a culture that applies to product, process and system, and is found everywhere from the back office to the production line."

"There are many successful companies in Wales that understand the economic and global landscape. They may not be large employers but they have good businesses making smart, innovative products which we don’t shout enough about."


Steve Dalton OBE is the Managing Director of Sony UK Technology Centre’s (UK TEC) transformation and revitalisation programme, which began in 2006 when the manufacture of coloured analogue television sets ended.  Steve has been employed at Sony for nearly 25 years and has progressed through Sony’s ongoing learning and education programme to Managing Director.Steve Was awarded an OBE for his services to the industry in 2011 seen as a major influence in the Bridgend Plants manufacturing development and expansion since its original opening in 1992.

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