Richard Calvert



"Choosing the right goal is only half the battle. You need to constantly review your progress, adjust course and ultimately be honest with yourself.  Each of those requires a different skill in its own right."

"I’m a face to face person.  You can’t file a conversation."


“Satisfying your customer should be your primary business strategy”


"Creating a successful business is the culmination of hard work, passion and a bit of luck over time. Only one you can truly control. If you’re lacking in one of these areas, then you will need to compensate from the others."



Richard Calvert is the CEO of Specialist Leisure Group, which is the parent company of leading brands such as Shearings, National Holidays, Bay Hotels, Country Living Hotels, Coast and Country Hotels and

He has 28 years’ experience in the international travel and leisure industry.

Richard is a Welsh speaker and was born and raised in Carmarthenshire. He forged an impressive international career path including Senior Board roles at TUI and Thomas Cook.  He is currently President and CEO of US based, Celebration Travel Group.

Richard has a reputation and successful track record of setting and achieving strategic goals, especially in the area of negotiation, product innovation and customer delivery.

Richard is an investor and non-executive director in a number of UK travel and technology businesses, including, one of the UK’s leading specialist school sports travel companies.