Philip Roberts



"Without a clear picture of where you’re trying to get to, you cannot expect to make the best decisions. How vivid and compelling is your vision of your future self and business?"

"One way of holding your own feet to the fire is to keep score of your ‘little wins’ – times when you made the ‘right’ choice at a Critical Moment of Decision. Hold yourself accountable."


“I have a passion for learning and applying that learning to help others to achieve their goals and ambitions.”


"What gets measured gets done. Self-improvement starts with a commitment to regularly review and objectively measure key aspects of yourself or your business."


Philip is a founding member of Catalyst Growth Partners. He has been investing in and growing businesses in Wales and beyond for the past 25 years. Notable successes include Biotec Services International in Bridgend and PrimePac Solutions. Today he is actively involved in businesses ranging from waste management, tamper evident closures, warehousing, property, stem cell traceability and food treatment.

 Outside of his equity investments Philip also supports business owners through speaking engagements, one-to-one coaching and mentoring and peer mastermind groups which he chairs.