Miles Morgan



Giving up is easy in the very early years of a new business, what gets you through that period is the bit of guts that is needed to be successful.


Great people make great businesses, spreadsheets, business plans and ideas count for nothing without great people to make it happen.



“If you can’t tell me in a few simple words why your business idea will succeed, I would guess it won’t.”




I get so bored with people who try and make business complicated. Great businesses are generally simple and run well when common sense is applied.


Miles Morgan is the managing director of Miles Morgan Travel.

Sales are in Miles Morgan’s blood - his first job was as running a market stall, which he did throughout his teenage years. From these humble beginnings he started a career in the travel industry rising from office junior and to sales and marketing director for the UK's largest holiday company.  He turned his back on the corporate life to start his own business and launched Miles Morgan Travel in 2006.

Now celebrating 10 years in business, the company has expanded 300% to become the South West and Wales' leading independent high street travel agent with 14 shops and a turnover of £40 million. Recognition of these achievements was confirmed in 2013 when it was named as the top travel agent in the UK.