Fund Manager

Matt Wakerley



"If I had to choose between a quality management team and a quality product I’d choose the team every time. The compound effect of consistently good decision making in business becomes the only important factor in the end."


"Business as with sport Strives to create an environment where the importance of teamwork is central whilst taking care not to stifle individual brilliance."



 “People too often listen in order to reply rather than understand.”



"I would say that people generally spend too much time planning and not enough time doing.  The best teacher is experience."

"One of the key differentiators in the prospects I see are found in the ones that aren’t waiting around, making excuses, waiting for their ducks to be in a line.  They are just getting on and doing it, figuring things out on the fly."   

Matt is a Qualified Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants England & Wales.  Qualifying with PWC, Matt has been CFO and Finance Director of a number of fast growth and turnaround technology businesses, as well as having founded his own business, Clarius Finance, in 2011.

As well as acting as fund manager for InspireWales, Matt is also currently Group Managing Director of Inspiretec, a fast growing travel technology business based in Cardiff.