Kevin Hughes



"If you want to achieve ambitious goals, you’ll need to put in the hours. That said, working smarter is the way forward; why spend hours on basic tasks when a simple process can be put in place, freeing up time to focus on bigger projects."

  “Be enthusiastic and try to get on with people, you can’t do this alone!”


 "Set yourself five year plans in which you outline key goals for your career. Five years is a sensible time frame to achieve big objectives but if you don’t meet your goals, be patient and persevere."


Kevin is a founding member and former financial and marketing director at

He has an admirable record with business start-ups. He began his career at Gladiator Commercial insurance (part of the Admiral Group), and as a member of the senior management team built Gladiator into one of the biggest van insurance brokers in the UK. He moved onto become the chief financial controller when was in its infancy.

He joined Hayley Parsons as one of the founding members of initially as its finance director, then as its marketing director. He controlled a budget of around £75million in broadcast media, digital and email marketing. He spearheaded the Gio Compario advertising campaign, one of the most successful UK marketing campaigns of the last 20 years. He also has extensive knowledge of legal and compliance issues, as well as risk and finance.