John Lloyd-Jones



"Business is all about relationships and if you want to succeed in business you need to prioritise these both internally from the top down and externally with all stakeholders."


"Chemistry is very important to me. People that work well together will work hard together."



 “If the people are a business’ most important asset, then the quality of their interactions with one another cannot be prioritised enough”



 "Rugby is a big part of Welsh culture, and whilst the good players inspire themselves, the great players inspire others. It is no different in business."

"Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard"


John Lloyd-Jones has more than 30 years’ experience in the financial services sector.During that time he has held a  number of senior management posts at HSBC Bank and Grant Thornton Accountants.

He now advises companies and charitable organisations on business development, the generating of leads and enhancing their public profile.  With extensive links to both the regional and international business sectors he specialises in fostering personal relationships.  In addition to his work in the commercial sector he serves as a trustee of the Wales Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust and sits as a committee member and chair of the Regional Development Board of the Princes’ Trust.