Ashley Cooper



We are very selective who we partner with. Business is all about People. We are drawn to Driven, Energetic, and Passionate people who are continual learners and who are prepared to do what it takes to succeed.


It’s all about the Customer. Fundamentally what are you selling to whom, from what emotional perspective? Why should somebody buy your product? How are you differentiating yourself from the competition?


Push the boundaries. As a keen cyclist I am often riding for over 100 miles or climbing big mountains and pushing mid and body to conquer new challenges… it’s the same in business.. you have to be looking for continual challenge and improvement.



“Wales is renowned for its passion - If you want to change your world then you have to be passionate about what you do, but passion itself isn’t enough…. you have to commit to action”



The toughest challenge in building TES Aviation to over £100million in revenue was building the right team. Bringing people on the journey with you, who share your vision, drive and enthusiasm in order to reach the end goal is essential. I was fortunate to have some brilliant ones…


We are living in a unique period of history where technological change and innovation is all around us. The possibilities for true entrepreneurs to really make a difference is massive and the potential for those entrepreneurial opportunities to deliver rapid growth has never been greater.  It is truly a privilege to be able to work with exciting new companies and people and to help them realise their ambition.



Ashley is co-founder and Director of Catalyst Growth Partners (CGP) a high growth business accelerator focused on working with innovative businesses and positive people to drive people and performance to the next level of success.

In 1995 he co-founded TES Aviation Group, an aircraft engine asset management, trading and leasing business. He grew TES to achieve revenues of $25million by 2007. A majority sale brought in equity partners and, with Ashley as CEO, he lead the organisational growth through to 2012 and a turnover of more than $160M. He sold his final equity stake in 2012 and resigned his CEO position in 2014 when he formed CGP.

CGP has invested in a number of businesses across a wide range of tech sectors including Health, Communications, Education, Property, Green Energy, Cell Therapy and Social Gaming.

Ashley is a MIT REAP Champion, chair of both the Welsh Government Accelerated Growth Program and Venturefest Wales 2016 and one of the 2016 Maserati100.