Alan Whiteley



"I’ve seen a lot of talented people confuse being busy with actually moving the ball forward. I think a lot of it comes down to attitude and personality, some people are more critical of themselves and are able to hold themselves to account."

"I grew up in Cardiff, the city is in my blood.  Watching the infrastructure transformation in the last 20 years has been astounding.  The technology platforms of the next 20 years will continue to drive this progress forward and from what I’ve seen, Wales is doing everything right to be part of that."


“As they say, luck favours the prepared mind.”


 "You generally won’t find me at conferences I sometimes feel that anything that is one or two steps removed from the company and founders can feel like time used inefficiently."


Alan is the managing director of TVS Education, a company providing educational services to professional sports clubs and the exclusive partner of the Football League Trust.

He qualified as a solicitor with Eversheds in 1987 becoming the youngest national partner in 1989. He left Eversheds in 1998 to join a corporate finance boutique practice where he was able to hone his legal skills with mainstream corporate finance experience to provide a comprehensive advice service to clients.

He has substantial non-executive experience having served in companies involved in the medical, sports, plant equipment and construction sectors. In 2011, having been a non-executive director since 2006, he was asked to take over as Chief Executive of Cardiff City Football Club where he remained until 2013 over seeing the club’s promotion to the premier league and Wembley cup final appearance.

Current Roles.